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South Kurdistan Group provides you an opportunity to start a new life in the units of Shary Daik. The position of Shary Daik is in one of the most incredible places in Sulaimanyah city which locates in Malik Mahmood traffic circle that facing the mountain of Goizha and the biggest amusement park in Iraq a this made the experience of living here so different and wonderful. In Shary Daik we constructed our units in the best ways, which gave way different meaning for living with its perfect architect and modern life. 
South Kurdistan Group is using the highest in best quality of products for the safety of the residents. Shary Daik chose best of electrical devices such as the unique system of (Hisense) air conditioner that provides a suitable atmosphere for the units, and radiator heating system has been provided for the whole units and modern heating systems for housing units. 

Feel the difference in Shari Daik. 
Shary Daik project is built on a total area of (155,000 square meters) (Approximately 62 areas) which is divided into two parts: ZONE A: Consists of (11) building varying to (16) Design Types such as (F1-F12 a D1-04). The total housing units in this section are (620) units of luxury apartments and villas with modern designs and different sizes. 
ZONE B: This section consists of (6) buildings the total housing units in this section are (1800) units with 46 villas. 


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